Headshot of Nick Fyson

You've stumbled across the online home of Nick Fyson, research scientist by day, photographer by (very occasional) weekends.

I'm currently a member of the Biomathematics group at Imperial College London, working in the field of Systems Biology. Previously I pursued my PhD research in Complexity Sciences at Bristol University, after completing my undergraduate degree in Physics at Cambridge. Further details of my research and publications can be found under the 'Work' section of this site.

Under the 'Personal' section you will find non-work related stuff including, but not limited to, photography and theatre. I'm also a keen sportsman, mainly football these days, but I'll give you a good game of table tennis as well.

Under 'Contact', you can find out how to reach my various electronic incarnations.

Finally, while there is a blog, only time will tell how much it is used. Subscribe to the RSS feed! Maybe it'll turn out to be exciting...